Activity Report 2009


M. Katoh

II. Current Status of Light Source and Beamlines

Light Source in 2009
M. Katoh

Beamlines in 2009
E. Shigemasa

III. Research Activities

III-1. Accelerators and Light Sourcespreface

[Highlight]Observation of Transverse-Longitudinal Coupling Effect at UVSOR-II [Light Sources]
M. Shimada, M. Katoh, M. Adachi, T. Tanikawa, S. Kimura, M. Hosaka, N. Yamamoto, Y. Takashima and T. Takahashi

Measurement of Betatron Oscillation Amplitude Excited by RF Knockout at UVSOR-II [Accelerators]
Y. Furui, M. Hosaka, N. Yamamoto, Y. Takashima, M. Adachi, H. Zen and M. Katoh

Distribution of Injection Signal for BeamLines [Accelerators]
K. Hayashi, M. Katoh, M. Adachi, H. Zen and J. Yamazaki

Development of Turn-By-Turn BPM System at UVSOR-II [Accelerators]<>br / A. Nagatani, Y. Takashima, M. Hosaka, N. Yamamoto, K. Takami, M. Katoh, M. Adachi, H. Zen and K. Hayashi

Stabilization of the Electric Septum of UVSOR-II Injector [Accelerators]
H. Zen, K. Hayashi, J. Yamazaki, M. Adachi and M. Katoh

Single-Bunch Top-Up Operation and Single-Bunch Injection at UVSOR-II [Accelerators]
H. Zen, K. Hayashi, M. Adachi, J. Yamazaki and M. Katoh

Upgrade of the Ti:sapphire Laser System at UVSOR-II [Light Sources]
M. Adachi, M. Katoh, H. Zen, K. Hayashi, J. Yamazaki, T. Tanikawa and Y. Taira

Feasibility Study of Ultra-Short Gamma Ray Pulse Generation by Laser Compton Scattering in an Electron Storage Ring [Light Sources]
Y. Taira, M. Adachi, H. Zen, T. Tanikawa, M. Hosaka, Y. Takashima, N. Yamamoto,K. Soda and M. Katoh

Top-Up Operation of the UVSOR-II Free Electron Laser [Light Sources]
H. Zen, M. Adachi, T. Tanikawa, N. Yamamoto, J. Yamazaki, M. Hosaka, Y. Takashima and M. Katoh

Coherent Harmonic Generation in VUV Region at UVSOR-II [Light Sources]
T. Tanikawa, M. Adachi, H. Zen, M. Hosaka, N. Yamamoto, J. Yamazaki, Y. Taira and M. Katoh

Electric Field Detection of Coherent Synchrotron Radiation [Light Sources] I. Katayama, H. Shimosato, M. Bito, K. Furusawa, M. Adachi, M. Shimada, H. Zen, S. Kimura, N. Yamamoto, M. Hosaka, M. Katoh and M. Ashida

III-2. Instrumental Developmentspreface

Trajectory Simulations of C58+ from C60 in the VMI Spectrometer [2B]
B. P. Kafle, Md. S. I. Prodhan, H. Katayanagi and K. Mitsuke

Performance of a High-Precision Transmission Grating with 5555-Lines/mm Groove Density for High-Resolution Soft X-ray Emission Spectroscopy [3U]
H. Yamane, T. Hatsui and N. Kosugi

Quantum Detection Efficiency of CsI-Coated Microchannel Plates Measured by Using Pure-Calibrated EUV Beam [5B]
G. Murakami, G. Ogawa, K. Yoshioka, H. Watanabe and I. Yoshikawa

Construction of a New Experimental Setup with a High-Resolution Electron Spectrometer for Gas Phase Spectroscopy on BL6U [6U]
E. Shigemasa, E. Nakamura, N. Kondo and T. Horigome

Development of a High-Resolution Angle-Resolved UV/SX Photoemission Spectroscopy System for Solid Surface Study at BL6U [6U]
H. Yamane, T. Horigome, S. H. Kang, M. Nagasaka, H. W. Yeom and N. Kosugi

Measurement of Grating Reflectivity and Ghost Image Created by MgF2 Plate [7B]
R. Ishikawa, D. Fujimura, K. Ueda, H. Watanabe, T. Bando, T. Kobiki, N. Narukage, H. Hara, R. Kano and S. Tsuneta

Development of MgF2 Waveplate and Polarization Analyzer [7B]
H. Watanabe, N. Narukage, D. Fujimura, K. Ueda, R. Ishikawa, T. Kobiki and T. Bando


National Institutes of Natural Sciences
Institute for Molecular Science
UVSOR Facility 38 Nishigo-Naka, Myodaiji, Okazaki, 444-8585, Japan

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