About Matsui Group at USVOR

Tanaka Group has been launched since 2014 at UVSOR-III Synchrotron, Institute for Molecular Science (IMS). Our research is focused on the electronic structure studies of strongly correlated systems, for instance, high-Tc superconductors. We also develop experimental apparatus. While several novel and advanced spectroscopic techniques are used in the electronic structure studies, our main tool is the angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy(ARPES) using the intense and highly collimated synchrotron radiation light from UVSOR-III synchrotron.
Strongly correlated electron materials has attracted more attentions in the last few decades because of their unusual and fascinating properties such as high-Tc superconductivity, giant magnetoresistance, heavy fermion and so on. Those unique properties can offer a route toward the next-generation devices. We investigate the mechanism of the physical properties as well as the electronic structure of those materials by using ARPES, a powerful tool in studying the electronic structure of complex materials, based on synchrotron radiation.
We help maintain two experimental endstations (Beamlines 5U and 7U) at UVSOR-III synchrotron. We have also developed other novel spectroscopic and imaging tools, such as high-resolution spin-resolved ARPES system.


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