---The first international Workshop on ---
Momentum Microscopy & Spectroscopy for Materials Science

at Okazaki Conference Center, 22nd -23rd Feb. 2019

                                                                     21 Thurs., 2019

  Welcome to the UVSOR workshop “Momentum Microscopy & Spectroscopy for Materials Science"!  Valence band and molecular orbital imaging techniques have been extensively developed owing to constructions of new light sources and developments of high-performance detectors. UVSOR has a plan to construct a Momentum Microscopy & Spectroscopy end station dedicated for Materials and Molecular Science. This workshop will focus on new science opened by such new analysis tools and methods. Keynote lectures by the Maestro of photoelectron spectroscopy as well as various cutting-edge presentations by invited researchers is arranged. Since this is the first workshop, the organizers asked researchers outside of UVSOR to share their insights and their networks. A poster session is planned. Proposals and suggestions of experiments are welcome!
See you at Okazaki!

• Momentum-resolved Photoelectron microscopy / spectroscopy
• Orbital tomography and valence photoelectron diffraction
• New instrumental developments, interesting materials and more…

Organizer (UVSOR)
Satoshi Kera & Fumihiko Matsui

 Keynote Lecture
Prof. Shigemasa Suga (Univ. Osaka, Japan)
  Invited Speakers (international)
Prof. Lada Yashina (Moscow)
Prof. Sergey Subach (Jürich)
 Invited Speakers
Prof. Yukiaki ISHIDA(The Univ. Tokyo, ISSP)
Prof. Taichi OKUDA(Hiroshima Univ.)
Prof. Yoshiriro KUBOZONO(Okayama Univ.)
Prof. Peter KRUGER(Chiba Univ.)
Prof. Masato KOTSUGI(Tokyo Univ. Sci.)
Prof. Kasuyuki SAKAMOTO(Chiba Univ.)
Prof. Tomohiro MATSUSHITA(SPring-8, Riken)
Prof. Yoshitada MORIKAWA (Osaka Univ.)
Prof. Yoichi YAMADA(Tsukuba Univ.)

  Contact:Fumihiko Matsui
         UVSOR, IMS

   Registration: Please copy and fill in the following form and e-mail to the UVSOR office (uvsor@ ims.ac.jp) by February 15th.

E-mail subject:MM Workshop

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  Abstract:The abstract should fit in one A4page. Please submit your abstract formatted with the template below by February 15th to the UVSOR Office(uvsor@ims.ac.jp) by e-mail.
  Abstract template

  Venue:IMS Okazaki Conference Center
   Access/Campus Map:Please visit the website below



  Program (tentative)2019/2/6       



9:00-9:20 Registration
9:20-9:30 Opening Satoshi, KERA (IMS)
   (Chair:( ))
9:30-10:15 keynote “Frontier of Spin- & Angle-Resolved Photoelectron Spectroscopy by Momentum Microscopy” Shigemasa SUGA(Osaka Univ.)
10:15-10:50 “MM project at UVSOR” Fumihiko MATSUI(IMS)
10:50-11:05 ― Coffee ―
   (Chair:( ))
11:05-11:40 Invited "Pressure-induced superconductivity in metal doped topological materials and two dimensional materials" Yoshihiro KUBOZONO(Okayama Univ.)
11:40-12:25 Invited "Gap opening and spin dynamics in topological insulators" Lada YASHINA(Lomonosov Moscow State Univ.)
12:25-13:40 ― Lunch ―
   (Chair:( ))
13:40-14:15 Invited "Synchrotron-based ARPES study at VUV-SX combination beamline KEK-PF BL-2 MUSASHI" Koji HORIBA(KEK PF)
14:15-14:50 Invited “Recent activities and future prospects of spin- and angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy at HiSOR” Taichi OKUDA(Hiroshima Univ.)
14:50-15:25 Invited “Spin-polarized bands at solid surfaces" Kazuyuki SAKAMOTO(Chiba Univ.)
15:25-15:45 ― Coffee ―
   (Chair:( ))
15:45-16:30 Invited "Dependence of the adsorption height of graphenelike adsorbates on their dimensionality" Sergey SUBACH(Forschungszentrum Julich PGI-3)
16:30-17:05 Invited "STM and photoelectron spectroscopy of well-ordered organic systems: Doping and interfaces" Yoichi YAMADA(Tsukuba Univ.)
17:05-17:40 "Imaging of electron delocalization upon assembling the molecules" Satoshi Kera(IMS)
17:40-17:50 Photo
17:50-20:00 Poster session with Buffet-style dinner
8:30-9:00 ― BF ―
   (Chair:( ))
9:00-9:35 Invited "Theoretical advances in angle-resolved photoelectron and resonant Auger electron spectroscopy" Peter KRUGER(Chiba Univ.)
9:35-10:10 Invited "First-principles Theoretical Study on Atomic Geometries, Electronic Properties, and Chemical Reactivity of Active Sites at Graphene" Yoshitada MORIKAWA(Osaka Univ.)
10:10-11:45 Invited "“Slit-less” ARPES analyzers: Some utilities and prospects in surface photo-electronics" Yukiaki ISHIDA(The Univ. Tokyo, ISSP)
10:45-11:05 ― Coffee ―
   (Chair:( ))
11:05-11:40 Invited "Determination of dopant structure by photoelectron holography" Tomohiro MATSUSHITA(SPring-8, Riken)
11:40-12:15 Invited "Topological data analysis of labyrinth magnetic domain" Masato KOTSUGI (Tokyo Univ. Sci.)
12:15-12:30 Closing
12:30-14:00 Lunch



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