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Activity Report 2018

III. Research Activities

III-3. Chemistry

Molecular Orientation Induced by Irradiation Polarized or Optical Vortex Wavelength Selective UV Light to Azo-metal Complexes in Polymer Films [1U]
T. Akitsu, S. Yagi, S. Yamazaki, M. Yoshida, T. Haraguchi, M. Fujiki, M. Fujimoto and M. Katoh

Absolute Asymmetric Synthesis with Circularly Polarized Light [1U]
J. Yao and C. Yang

Phase Transitions of Liquid-crystal Materials Studied by X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy [3U]
H. Iwayama, H. Yuzawa and M. Nagasaka

Local Structures of Aqueous Acetonitrile Solutions Probed by Soft X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy [3U]
M. Nagasaka, H. Yuzawa and N. Kosugi

Effect of Salt Addition on the Electronic Structure of the Hydrated Water of Glycine Betaine Studied by Soft X-Ray Absorption Spectroscopy [3U]
S. Ohsawa, N. Fukuda, H. Iwayama, H. Yuzawa, M. Nagasaka and K. Okada

X-ray Absorption Measurements Applied to Aqueous Solutions of Glycine at Various pHs, in the Vicinity of the O K-edge Ionization Thresholds [3U]
D. Céolin, T. Saisopa, K. Klaiphet, P. Songsiriritthigul, H. Yuzawa, M. Nagasaka and N. Kosugi

In situ O K-edge X-ray Absorption Spectrum Study of a-Si/SEI in Photocatalytic Water Splitting [3U]
J. Ma, H. Yuzawa, H. Ju and R. Long

Mechanistic Investigation of Homogeneous Iron-Catalyzed Organic Reactions based on Solution-Phase L-edge XAS [3U]
H. Takaya, M. Nagasaka and K. Kashimura

Electronic Structures of Carbon Dots in Aqueous Dispersions Probed by in-situ Transmission X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy [3U]
J. Ren, D. S. Achilleos, E. Reisner and T. Petit

P-L2,3 Absorption Spectra of Phosphates in Plasmid DNA and Cell Nucleus [4U]
T. Ejima, M. Kado, T. Ohigashi and S. Tone

Heterogeneous Network Structure in Natural Rubber [4U]
Y. Higaki and A. Takahara

Multi-electron–Ion Coincidence Spectroscopy Applied to Metastability of Carbonyl Sulfide Dications [4B]
Y. Hikosaka and E. Shigemasa

Pulsed Electron Extraction Introduced into a Magnetic Bottle Timeof- flight Electron Spectrometer [4B]
Y. Hikosaka

Double Auger Decay from the Xe 4d5/2 -16p Resonance Studied by Multielectron Coincidence Spectroscopy [4B]
Y. Hikosaka

Critical Absorbed Dose of Resinous Adhesive Material Towards Non- Destructive Chemical-State Analysis Using Soft X-Rays [4B]
H. Yamane, M. Oura, N. Yamazaki, K. Hasegawa, K. Takagi and T. Hatsui

Redistribution of Molecular Orbital Levels in Platinum-dithiolene Complex [6B]
T. Yamamoto, D. Hiraga, I. Arashi, T. Naito, T. Teshima, K. Tanaka and R. Kato

III-4. Surface, Interface and Thin Fulms

[Highliht] Bulk and Surface Band Dispersion Mapping of the Au(111) Surface by Newly-developed Acceptance-cone Tunable PES System [6U]
F. Matsui , H. Yamane, T. Ueba, T. Horigome, S. Makita, K. Tanaka, S. Kera and N. Kosugi

Kinetics Investigation to Form Magnesium Hydroxide from Low Crystalline Magnesium Oxide in the Solution[2A]
T. Kato, K. Takahashi, Y. Sawamura, M. Kadokura and C. Tokoro

Molecular Orientation of DNTT Thin Film on TES-derivatives Deposited Au Substrate [2B]
K. K. Okudaira and A. Murafuji

Electronic Structure of Disordered Molecular Heterointerfaces [2B]
K. Akaike , A. Onishi, Y. Wakayama and K. Kanai

Cobalt Oxide Catalyst in Carbonate Aqueous Solution Studied by Operando C K-edge XAFS Measurement [3U]
K. Yamada, T. Hiue, M. Nagasaka, H. Yuzawa, H. Kondoh, Y. Sakata and M. Yoshida

Evaluation of Optical Basic Properties of Ultra-Violet Emitting Zinc Aluminate Phosphor [3B]
H. Kominami, M. Ohkawa, Y. Kato, M. Arimura, K. Imagawa, K. Warita, S. Takahashi, K. Higashi and S. Nishibori

Observation of Photoinduced Phenomenon in Amorphous Chalcogenide Thin Films by Ultraviolet Synchrotron Orbital Radiation [4B, 5B]
K. Hayashi

Electronic and Magnetic Properties of FeNi Alloy Thin Films Grown on a Monatomic Layer Magnetic Nitride [4B]
T. Miyamachi, K. Kawaguchi, T. Hattori, T. Koitaya, T. Yokoyama and F. Komori

Magnetic Coupling at the Interface of Ferromagnetic Iron and Nickel Nitride Monatomic Layers [4B]
T. Miyamachi, K. Kawaguchi, T. Gozlinski, T. Koitaya, W. Wulfhekel, T. Yokoyama and F. Komori

Valence-Band Electronic Structures of Ultra-Thin Co Layers on Rashba-Splitted Au (111) Surfaces [5U]
J. Okabayashi, K. Tanaka and S. Mitani

Effects of P Segregation on the Surface Electronic Structure of Fe2P(0001) [5U]
N. Maejima, Y. Sugizaki, Y. Shimato, T. Yoshida and K. Edamoto

Measuring the Berry Curvature of Dresselhaus Semiconductor by Circular Dichroism ARPES [5U]
S. Cho, D. Oh, K. Tanaka, S. R. Park and C. Kim

Arpes Study of (BixSb1-x)2Se3 Topological Insulators [6U]
L. Yashina and F. Matsui

Reversible and Irreversible Metal-insulator Transition of VO2 [6U]
T. Zhai, J. Yang, F. Matsui and S. Duhm

Resonant Photoemission Spectroscopy of Aligned Graphene Nanoribbons [6U]
D. Usachov, B. Senkovskiy and F. Matsui

Photoemission Tomography of Organic Monolayer: Substrateassisted Intermolecular Dispersion of PTCDA on Cu(100) [6U]
A. Haags, M. Meissner, X. Yang, F. Matsui, S. Soubatch, F. S. Tautz and S. Kera

Fabrication of Bi1Te1 Ultrathin Films and the Surface Electronic Structure [7U]
S. Kusaka, K. Yokoyama, S. Ideta, K. Tanaka, S. Ichinokura and T. Hirahara

Photoelectron Angular Distribution of Pentacene/Graphite Interface Investigated by Low-energy Angle-resolved Photoelectron Spectroscopy [7U]
T. Yamaguchi, M. Meissner, S. Ideta, K. Tanaka and S. Kera

Band Structure Modification of 2D TMDCs Using a Molecular Dopant [7U]
S. Park, T. Schultz, P. Amsalem, X. Xu and N. Koch

UPS Measurement of Valence Electronic States in Dinaphtho[2,3-b:2’, 3’-f]thieno[3,2-b]thiophene Single Crystals [7U]
R. Takeuchi, S. Izawa, R. Tsuruta, S. Yamanaka, M. Iwashita, K. Tonami, S. Ideta, K. Tanaka, M. Hiramoto and Y. Nakayama

Two-Dimensional Nature of Topological Surface States on SmB6(111) Clarified by Synchrotron-Radiation Angle-Resolved Photoelectron Spectroscopy [7U]
Y. Ohtsubo, Y. Yamashita, T. Nakamura, S. Ideta, K. Tanaka, W. Hirano, F. Iga and S. Kimura