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Announcement Subject: Activity report 2021

  In order to use UVSOR facility again, it is necessary to submit the activity report (A4 size, 1page).
Please submit your progress although your study has not been completed.
Please do not forget to report your publications by using UVSOR Synchrotron Facility (Please follow the instructions below under the “Request for paper registration”).
Please note that we do not accept your submission after the deadline.
Deadline: The deadline for UVSOR Activity Report 2021
March 31, 2022 (Thu.) is no later than.


  Please refer to the template file"AC21_Format.doc" for preparing the manuscript. The template helps you to make a well-formatted manuscript by overtyping the template document. This will ensure that your submission will be in the required format. "Guidline"


1. All files will be submitted through our online electronic submission system at "web page"
• If you know your login details use your User ID and Password to log on.
• If you are not already registered, you can register by clicking on the 'Create a new account” button on the login screen and following the on-screen instructions.
2. The manuscript in both WORD and PDF files are required to submit through the web page.
The file name should be the name of the first author followed by the extension (e.g. "author.doc", "author.pdf").
Figure that is used in the document, photo, table of original (example: "fig1.jpg)
3. Please select your field of study from the list below
            1: Accelerators and Instruments
            2: Material Sciences
            3: Chemistry
            4: Surface, Interface and Thin Films
            5: Life, Earth and Planetary Sciences
  After the manuscript has been submitted you will receive an email confirmation stating that your manuscript was successfully submitted. If you do not receive this email within three days, please contact editorial committee.
Contact Editorial Committee: hmatsuda@(half-width) or mfmoto@(half-width)
  In addition, when you have to upload several activity reports,  please mention the file information: Beamline, Title, and Research Field  in the “Comment” column on the UPLOAD page.  Please do not use the column of “Report Information” from the second  upload.

Request for paper registration

  Please contact us by email on uvsor@(half-width) to register your recent publications. Please send your publication as a PDF file with the following information:
(1) Paper title: Title Case (Capitalize the first letter of each word except articles and prepositions).
(2) Full author's name:Given names in initials and followed by the family name.
In case of multiple authors, A and B if two people, If three or more people, A, B and C.
Example, A. Familyname, B. Familyname and C. Familyname
(3) Journal name and the winding, year of publication, page: Journal Name, Volume Number (Year Published) First Page Number.
Example, J. Phys. B, 38 (2005) 3597.
(4) Please inform the beam line among the list in which experiment has been performed (multiple choice allowed)
BL1U, BL1A(XAFS), BL1B(THz, IR), BL1B(VUV), BL2A(XAFS), BL2B, BL3U, BL3B (VUV), BL4U(STXM), BL4A, BL4B(XAFS), BL4B(XMCD), BL5U(ARPES), BL5B, BL6U (Gas), BL6U(Solid Surface), BL6B(THz, IR), BL7U(ARPES), BL7B(VUV), BL8A, BL8B/BL2B(ARPES), Accelerators, FEL/CSR, Other
(5) In the case of more than one beam line, please write the main beam line.