Activity Report 2012


M. Katoh

II. Current Status of Light Source and Beamlines

Light Source in 2012
M. Katoh

Beamlines in 2012
E. Shigemasa

III. Research Activities

III-1. Accelerators and Light Sources

Development of Pulse Duration Measurement System for Coherent Harmonic Generation Experiments [Light Sources]
H. Zen, M. Adachi, S. Tanaka and M. Katoh

Development of an Electron Beam Bunch Length Measurement System for the Transmission-type Polarized Electron Source [Light Sources]
N. Yamamoto, T. Niwa, T. Inagaki, M. Hosaka, A. Mano, Y. Takashima, T. Konomi, M. Adachi, M. Katoh, K. Sakaue and T. Takatomi

Pulsed Sextupole Injection in UVSOR-III [Light Sources]
Y. Hida, H. Zen, T. Konomi, N. Yamamoto, M. Adachi, M. Hosaka, K. Hayashi, J. Yamazaki, Y. Takashima and M. Katoh

Saturation of the Laser-Induced Narrowband Coherent Synchrotron Radiation Process [Light Sources]
M. Hosaka, N. Yamamoto, Y. Takashima, C. Szwaj, M. Le Parquier, C. Evain, S. Bielawski, M. Adachi, H. Zen, T. Tanikawa, S. Kimura, M. Katoh, M. Shimada and T. Takahashi

Design and Performance Test of a Buncher Magnet for a New Optical Klystron at UVSOR-III [Light Sources]
Y. Uematsu, M. Hosaka, S. Sekita, Y. Asano, N. Yamamoto Y. Takashima, M. Adachi, H. Zen, S. Tanaka, T. Konomi and M. Katoh

Combined-Function Bending Magnets for UVSOR-III [Light Sources]
K. Hayashi, M. Adachi, T. Konomi, J. Yamazaki and M. Katoh

Turn-By-Turn BPM for UVSOR-III [Light Sources]
K. Hayashi, T. Toyoda, M. Adachi, T. Konomi, J. Yamazaki and M. Katoh

III-2. Instrumental Developments

Commissioning of a Scanning Transmission X-ray Microscopy Beamline [4U]
T. Ohigashi, H. Arai, Y. Inagaki, N. Kondo, M. Sakai, K. Hayashi, E. Shigemasa, A. P. Hitchcock, N. Kosugi and M. Katoh

Refl ectance Measurements of Black Coatings for Stray Light Rejection Used in Bepi Colombo Mission [5B]
K. Uji, K. Yoshioka, G. Murakami and I. Yoshikawa

Performance Test of Infrared Microspectroscopy Using Synchrotron Radiation at UVSOR-III [6B]
S. Kimura, T. Katsumata and J. Koshobu

Development of the Cold Mirror Coating (Refl ective Narrow Band Filter) across 300 mm Diameter for Lyman-Alpha Line (121.6 nm) [7B]
N. Narukage, R. Ishikawa, K. Aoki, K. Miyagawa, T. Kobiki, R. Kano, T. Bando and S. Tsuneta

Development of the Multi-Layer Coating for the High-Effi ciency Refl ective Polarizer in Lyman-Alpha Line (121.6 nm) [7B]
N. Narukage, S. Ishikawa, T. Kobiki, R. Kano, T. Bando and S. Tsuneta


National Institutes of Natural Sciences
Institute for Molecular Science
UVSOR Facility 38 Nishigo-Naka, Myodaiji, Okazaki, 444-8585, Japan

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