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Activity Report 2013

III. Research Activities

III-5. Life, Earth and Planetary Sciences

Mo LIII-Edge XANES Study of Active Mo Species on H-GaAlMFI Catalysts for Methane Dehydroaromatization [2A]
H. Aritani, T. Sugawara, N. Naijo, S. Mogi, Y. Takayama and A. Nakahira

Uptake of Dexamethasone into Human Skin Investigated by Soft X-Ray Spectromicroscopy [4U]
R. Flesch, T. Ohigashi, S. Küchler, K. Yamamoto, S. Ahlberg, F. Rancan, A. Vogt, U. Blume-Peytavi, P. Schrade, S. Bachmann, M. Schäfer-Korting, N. Kosugi and E. Rühl

Nanoscale Analysis of Microbe-Mineral Interface in Bioleaching Process by STXM Technique [4U]
S. Mitsunobu, S. Ming, H. Makita and T. Ohigashi

Observation of DNA and Protein Distributions in Mammalian Cell Nuclei Using STXM [4U]
T. Ohigashi, A. Ito, K. Shinohara, S. Tone, M. Kado, Y. Inagaki, Y. F. Wang and N. Kosugi

Nitrogen- and Oxygen-XANES Spectral Analysis of Mineral Olivine and Organic Material from Meteorite: Preliminary Measurements for Implementation Planning of a Synchrotron Cosmochemistry Research Base at UVSOR BL4U [4U]
H. Yabuta

Organelle-Spectra of a Leydig Cell in Cultural Fluid [4U]
T. Ejima, R. Hirose, M. Ishino, M. Kado, M. Aoyama, K. Yasuda and T. Tamotsu

V. Workshops

UVSOR 30TH Anniversary

UVSOR Symposium 2013

UVSOR Mini-Workshop
Accelerator Technologies for Small Synchrotron Light Sources

IMS Workshop on Advanced Spectroscopy of Correlated Materials
(ASCM 13)

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