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Activity Report 2019

III. Research Activities

III-5. Life, Earth and Planetary Sciences

Optical Activity Emergence in Amino-Acid Films by Vacuum- Ultraviolet Circularly-Polarized Light Irradiation (III) - Summary of Experiments - [1U]
J. Takahashi, T. Sakamoto, Y. Izumi, K. Matsuo, M. Fujimoto, M. Katoh, Y. Kebukawa and K. Kobayashi

Laser Compton Scattering Gamma-ray Generation for Nonlinear Effect in QED [1U]
T. Hayakawa, K. Kawase, T Shizuma, J. K. Koga, H. Zen, T. Kii, H. Ohgaki, M. Fujimoto and M. Katoh

X-ray Absorption Spectra of Lipid Molecules in Bilayer Membranes Measured in Aqueous Solution [3U]
R. Tero, W.-Z. Goh and M. Nagasaka

P-L2,3 Absorption Spectra of Phosphates in Plasmid DNA and Adenosine Compounds [4U]
T. Ejima, T. Ohigashi and S. Tone

STXM/XANES Analysis of a Carbonaceous Chondrite Lithology in the Almahata Sitta Meteorite [4U]
Y. Kebukawa, T. Ohigashi and M. E. Zolensky

Trial of Molecular Mapping for Thin Sections of Isolated Mammalian Nuclei Embedded in Resin Using STXM [4U]
A. Ito, K. Shinohara, A. Matsuura, S. Toné, H. Yuzawa and T. Ohigashi

In situ Analysis for Structure Change of Extraterrestrial Organic Materials During Heating [4U]
M. Uesugi, M. Ito, K. Tomioka, Y. Kodama, T. Ohigashi , H. Yuzawa, K. Uesugi, A. Yamaguchi, N. Imae, Y. Karouji, N. Shirai, T. Yada and M. Abe

The Behavior of Sulfur in the Past Martian Surface Water Based on STXM-XANES Analysis of Nakhlite Y 000593 [4U]
H. Suga, K. Suzuki, T. Ohigashi, H. Yuzawa, Y. Takeichi, A. Yamaguchi, T. Usui, Y. Takahashi and M. Miyahara

Control of Drug Dermal Penetration: Quantitative Probing of Rapamycin [4U]
G. Germer, T. Ohigashi, H. Yuzawa, R. Flesch, F. Rancan, A. Vogt and E. Rühl

Chemical Mapping of Potassium-containing Particles from Residential Biomass Burning and in Ambient Air [4U]
X. Kong, M. Priestley, Z. Wu, T. Ohigashi, H. Yuzawa, J. B. C. Pettersson and M. Hallquist

Sequestration of Boron in Sediments [4U]
Y. Hashimoto, K. Kobayashi, H. Suga and Y. Takahashi

Preliminary Results by a STXM-XANES: Analysis of Small Carry-on Impactor Debris Operated by the Hayabusa2 Mission [4U]
M. Ito, Y. Takano, T. Ohigashi, H. Yuzawa, Y. Kebukawa, K. Kiryu, M. Uesugi, N. Tomioka, Y. Kodama, H. Naraoka, T. Yada and M. Abe

Characterization of Lysosomal Storage Diseases Using STXM [4U]
T. Mansikkala, T. Ohigashi, H. Yuzawa, M. Patanen, I. Miinalainen, S. M. Kangas, A. E. Hiltunen, E.-V. Immonen, N. Kosugi, R. Hinttala, J. Uusimaa and M. Huttula

V. Workshops

The first international workshop on Momentum Microscopy & Spectroscopy for Materials Science

NINS Joint Research Program Workshop on next generation nondestructive analytical method utilizing a quantum beam physics: Applications to Earth and Planetary sciences

UVSOR Symposium 2019

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