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Activity Report 2019


S. Kera

II. Current Status of Light Source and Beamlines

Light Source in 2019
M. Katoh

Beamlines in 2019
K. Tanaka

III. Research Activities

III-1. Accelerators and Instruments

[Highliht] Soft X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy in the Low Energy Region Explored by the Argon Gas Window [3U]
M. Nagasaka

[Highliht] Microscopic Study of Li K-edge [4U]
T. Ohigashi and H. Yuzawa

Development of Long-term Stable Nuclear Emulsion for Cosmic-ray Imaging [Accelerators]
A. Nishio, K. Morishima, K. Kuwabara, T. Yoshida and M. Nakamura

Construction of Laser Transport System for CHG Experiment at BL1U [1U]
M. Hosaka, Y. Matsunaga, A. Mano, Y. Takashima, M. Fujimoto and M. Katoh

Feasibility Study of Measurement of Polarized Pulsed Gamma-ray by Laser Compton Scattering at 90° [1U]
Y. Takashima, M. Hosaka, U. Shikano, A. Mano, M. Fujimoto and M. Katoh

Study on Isotope 3D Imaging Using NRF Absorption Method in UVSOR-BL1U [1U]
H. Ohgaki, H. Zen, T. Kii, K. Ali, T. Hayakawa, T. Shizuma, H. Toyokawa, Y. Taira, V. Iancu, V. G. Turturica, M. Fujimoto and M. Katoh

Study on Temporal Structure of Synchrotron Radiation by Using Interferometer [1U]
S. Notsu, S. Matsuba, K. Kawase and M. Katoh

X-ray Transmission Measurements for Optical Blocking Filters on Board the Third Focusing Optics X-ray Solar Imager (FOXSI-3) Sounding Rocket [2A]
I. Mitsuishi, S. Shimizu, T. Yamaguchi and N. Narukage

Study on the Electronic State of Fine-grained AgBr:I Crystals by Luminescence under Low Temperatures [3B]
T. Naka, T. Shiraishi, S. Kurosawa and H. Sone

Photoelectron Based Soft X-ray Detector for Removing High Order X-rays [4B]
M. Nagasaka and H. Iwayama

Multilayer Reflectometry for Evaluation of Second Harmonic Spectral Impurity in 100 nm Wavelength Output of BL5B UVSOR [5B]
T. Hatano, Y. Matsuda and T. Ejima

Investigation of the Source of the Photon-Energy Drift of BL5B [5B]
H. Zen, E. Nakamura, K. Hayashi and K. Tanaka

Interference Analysis by Composite Type VIS-VUV Complex Refractive Index Measurement Device [7B]
J. Omae, K. Fukui, K. Yamamoto and T. Saito