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Beamlines List

BL1U  Light Source Development Station

  BL1U is dedicated for developments and applications of various novel photon sources including free electron laser in the range from visible to deep UV, coherent harmonic generation in the deep UV and VUV, laser Compton scattering gamma-rays and undulator radiation with various polarization properties including optical vortex beam and optical vector beam.
  The beam-line is equipped with a dedicated twin polarization variable undulator system with a buncher section, which can be used for a FEL oscillator and a VUV CHG. It is also equipped with a femto-second laser system synchronized with the accelerator, which is used for CHG, slicing, LCS and coherent THz radiation generation.


Fig. 1 Configuration of the free electron laser (under reconstruction).

fel cavity mirror                Fig. 3. The FEL is delivered to BL7B. The FEL is irradiated on a target simultaneously with the SR .

Fig. 2. Twin Apple-II Undulator.                    Fig. 3. Accelerator synchronized Laser System.

Technical Data of FEL

Wave Length 199-800 nm
Spectral Band Width ~10-4
Polarization Circular/Linear
Pulse Rate 11.26 MHz
Max. Average Power ~1 W

Technical Data of Ti:Sa Laser

Wave Length 800 nm
Pulse Length 130 fsee
Oscillater 90.1 MHz
Pulse Energy 2.5mJ 10mJ 50mJ
Repetition Rate 1kHz 1kHz 10Hz