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BL7U(SAMRAI)  Angle-Resolved Photoemission of Solids in the VUV Region

  Beamline 7U, named the Symmetry- And Momentum-Resolved electronic structure Analysis Instrument (SAMRAI) for functional materials, was constructed to provide a photon flux with high energy resolution and high flux mainly for high-resolution angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy, so-called “ARPES”, of solids [1]. An APPLE-II-type variable-polarization undulator is installed as the light source. The undulator can produce intense VUV light with horizontal/vertical linear and right/left circular polarization. The undulator light is monochromatized by a modified Wadsworth type monochromator with three gratings (10 m radius; 1200, 2400, and 3600 lines/mm optimized at = 10, 2 0, and 33 eV). The energy resolution of the light (hν/ Δhν) is more than 104 with a photon flux of 1011-1012 ph/s or higher on samples in the entire energy region. The beamline has a photoemission end-station equipped with a 200 mm-radius hemispherical photoelectron analyzer (MB Scientific AB, A-l analyzer) with a wide-angle electron lens and a liquid-helium-cooled cryostat with 6-axis pulse motor control (AVC Co., Ltd., i-GONIO). The main function of the beamline is to determine the electronic structure of solids and its temperature dependence in order to reveal the origin of their physical properties.
[1] S. Kimura, T. Ito, M. Sakai, E. Nakamura, N. Kondo, K. Hayashi, T. Horigome, M. Hosaka, M. Katoh, T. Goto, T. Ejima, K. Soda, “SAMRAI: A variably polarized angle-resolved photoemission beamline in the VUV region at UVSOR-II,” Rev. Sci. Instrum. 81 (2010) 053104.

SAMRAI beamlinephoton

Fig. 1. SAMRAI beamline [(a), (b)] consisting of an APPLE-II type undulator (U7), a modified Wadsworth type monochromator (M0-S), and a high-resolution photoemission analyzer at the focal point. The monochromator has five major optical components: two plane mirrors (M0 and M1) with water cooling, one set of three spherical gratings (G), an exit slit (S), and one toroidal refocusing mirror (M3). (c) Example of flux intensity versus photon energy [1].

Technical Data

Light source APPLE-II type undulator (λμ = 76 mm, N = 36)
vertical/horizontal, right/left circular (depending on )
Monochromator 10 m normal-incidence monochromator
(modified Wadsworth type)
Photon energy range 6~40 eV (λ = 30~200 nm)
Resolution (hν / Δ hν) E /ΔE > 10000-50000
Photon flux on sample ≥1012-1011 ph/s (depending on )
Beam size on sample 200 (H) x 50 (V) μm2
Experiments Angle-resolved photoemission of solids (MV Scientific A-1 analyzer, acceptance angle: ± 18 deg)