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Beamlines List

BL5U Photoemission Spectroscopy of Solids and Surfaces

    Since the monochromator of BL5U was an old-style spherical grating type SGMTRAIN constructed in 1990s and the throughput intensity and energy resolution were poor, the whole beamline has been replaced to state-ofthe-art monochromator and end station. The new beamline has been opened to users from FY2016 as high-energy resolution ARPES beamline. Samples can be cooled down to 3.8 K with newly developed 5-axis manipulator to perform high energy resolution measurements. Users can also obtain spatial-dependence of the electronic structure of solids using micro-focused beam (~ 50 μm). The new electron lens system makes it possible to obtain ARPES spectra without moving samples. This beamline will also have new capability to perform high-efficient spinresolved ARPES in the future.

fig1 fig1-2

Fig. 1. Pictures of BL5U.

Technical Data (Expected Performance)

Light source APPLE-II type undulator (λu = 60 mm, N = 38)
vertical/horizontal, right/left circular (depending on hν)
Monochromator Monk-Gillieson VLS-PGM
Energy Range 20-200 eV
Resolution hν / ΔE > 10,000 for <10 μm slits
Experiments ARPES, Spin-resolved ARPES, Space-resolved ARPES
Flux <1012 photons/s for <10 μm slits (at the sample position)
Beam spot size 23 (H) x 40 (V) μm
Main Instruments Hemispherical photoelectron analyzer with deflector scan (MBS A-1 Lens#4), Liq-He flow cryostat with 5-axis manipulator (3.8 K-350 K)