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Beamlines List

BL4B Varied-Line-Spacing Plane Grating Monochromator for Molecular Soft X-Ray Spectroscopy

  The beamline BL4B equipped with a varied-line-spacing plane grating monochromator (VLS-PGM) was constructed for various spectroscopic investigations in a gas phase and/or on solids in the soft X-ray range. Three holographically ruled laminar profile plane gratings with SiO2 substrates are designed to cover the photon energy range from 25 to 800 eV. The gratings with groove densities of 100, 267, and 800 l/mm cover the spectral ranges of 25–100, 60–300, and 200-1000 eV, respectively, and are interchangeable without breaking the vacuum. Fig. 1 shows the absolute photon flux for each grating measured using a Si photodiode (IRD Inc.), with the entrance- and exit-slit openings set at 50 and 50 m, respectively. The maximum resolving power (E/E) achieved for each grating exceeds 5000.
  There is no fixed endstation on this beamline. A small vacuum chamber equipped with an electron multiplier (EM) detector is available. Soft X-ray absorption spectra of solid samples are usually measured by means of the total electron yield method using EM, and the partial fluorescence yield method using a silicon drift detector (SDD).

fig1    fig2

Fig. 1. Throughput from the VLS-PGM monochromator on BL4B.   Fig. 2. Photo of BL4B.


Technical Data

Monochromator Varied-line-spacing Plane Grating Monochromator
Energy Range 25-1000 eV
Resolution E / ΔE > 5000 (at maximum)
Experiments Soft X-ray spectroscopy (mainly, photoabsorption spectroscopy for solid targets by means of total electron yield method using EM and partial fluorescence yield method using SDD)