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Beamlines List

BL6B  Infrared and Terahertz Spectroscopy of Solids

  Synchrotron radiation (SR) has good performance (high brilliance and high flux) not only in the VUV and soft X-ray (SX) regions but also in the infrared (IR) and THz regions. BL6B covers the IR and THz regions. The previous beamline, BL6A1, which was constructed in 1985, was the pioneer in IRSR research. The beamline was deactivated at the end of FY2003 and a new IR/THz beamline, BL6B (IR), was constructed in FY2004. The front-end part including bending duct #6 was replaced with a new part having a higher acceptance angle (215 (H)  80 (V) mrad2) using a magic mirror, as shown in Fig. 1.
  There are two Michelson type interferometers in this endstation; with first one (Bruker Vertex70v), which covers a wide spectral region from 30 to 20,000 cm-1 (h = 4 meV-2.5 eV), reflection/absorption spectroscopy measurements of large samples (up to several mm) and IR/THz microscopy measurements of tiny samples (up to several tens of m) can be performed. For reflection/absorption spectroscopy measurements, a liquid-helium-flow type cryostat with a minimum temperature of 4 K is installed. The other interferometer (Jasco FT/IR-6100), which covers 350 to 15,000 cm-1 (h = 45 meV-1.8 eV), has been available for IR microscopy imaging measurements from FY2014. One can also perform ATR measurements using diamond ATR prism.

fig1     fig2

Fig. 1. Design of the optics and front end of BL6B.   Fig. 2. Schematic top view of BL6B.

Technical Data

Interferometer Michelson (Bruker Vertex70v) Michelson (Jasco FT/IR-6100)
Wavenumber Range
(Energy range)
30-20,000 cm-1
(4 meV-2.5 eV)
350-15,000 cm-1
(45 meV-1.8 eV)
Resolution in cm-1 0.1cm -1 0.5cm -1
Experiments Reflectivity and transmission spectroscopy
THz Microspectroscopy
IR microscopy imaging(JASCO IRT-7000)ATR spectroscopy