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Beamlines List

BL5B  Calibration Apparatus for Optical Elements and Detectors

  BL5B has been constructed to perform calibration measurements for optical elements and detectors. This beamline is composed of a plane grating monochromator (PGM) and three endstations in tandem. The most upstream station is used for the calibration measurements of optical elements, the middle one for optical measurements for solids, and the last for photo-stimulated desorption experiments. The experimental chamber at the most downstream station is sometimes changed to a chamber for photoemission spectroscopy. The calibration chamber shown in Fig. 2 is equipped with a goniometer for the characterization of optical elements, which has six degrees of freedom, X-Y translation of a sample, and interchanging of samples and filters. These are driven by pulse motors in vacuum. Because the polarization of synchrotron radiation is essential for such measurements, the rotation axis can be made in either the horizontal or vertical direction (s- or p-polarization).

fig1    fig2

Fig. 1. Throughput spectra for possible combinations of gratings and mirrors at BL5B measured by a gold mesh.   Fig. 2. A side view of the experimental chamber for calibration measurements


Technical Data

Monochromator Plane Grating Monochromator
Energy Range 6-600 eV (2-200 nm)
Resolution E/ ΔE~500
Experiments Calibration of optical elements, absorption of solids, photo-stimulated desorption from rare-gas solids